Jigsaw Discovery Tool

Can you hear me? Improving Communication

Let this breakthrough programme be the catalyst for vastly improved lines of communication, increasing productivity and reducing tension as a direct result.

First steps in Leadership

Leaders are made, not born. This programme is proof. Become a dynamic leader who will be followed anywhere.

Developing and leading an effective team

Setting up new teams, or leading an established team isn’t always easy. Sometimes people react and respond in ways we hardly understand. This course will reinforce what your leadership role is and how important developing that team is to ensure they are the best.

Delivering Excellent Customer Service

Is no longer just about customer satisfaction. Customers must be shouting your name from the virtual rooftops of this new social media landscape. You will learn how to make that happen.

Colourful Teams

Does your team know what values it shares, how individuals think, how they can plan the best way forward for their development? This course uses the Jigsaw Discovery Tool© to help teams work through how to become more effective together.
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